Arte asked: Who is behind the visionary German-Chinese producer collective C.O.W 牛 ? Today we know: Two of the four producers are the studied jazz musicians Samuel Dick (drums) and Ningyuan Jiang (piano) aka SAIN. After their first own releases and notable press (incl. Highsnobiety, Dummy, EDM, Fader, Complex), the producers / writers achieved a #1 in the Hip Hop Charts with Juse Ju and with Antilopen Gang a #7 of the German Album Charts. They write and produce cross-genres between Pop and Hip Hop with a love of experimentation and a necessary focus for commercial success. Cuts include Afrob, Max Mutzke, Scott Quinn, XAY, Nessi, Sierra Kid, Noah Levi, 022. SAIN are also excellent live musicians and are establishing themselves in film & advertising.

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