It all starts six years ago and an ordinary gift that sets unusual things in motion. Although zeck is too impatient for proper lessons on his new guitar, he gradually teaches himself one fingering after another. While casually making music at a friend’s house, the song „More“ is created based on one of zeck’s riffs – the first time the then 21-year-old has ever sung. On a lark, the friends upload the song without any expectation. „If 500 people listened to the song, that would be pretty rad“ zeck thinks to himself at the time. Today, „More“ has over 1.3 million Spotify streams. „To this day, I don’t know how that could happen.“ With a friend, zeck builds a small garage studio and after some time records his first EP „sorry, i’ve been asleep“, which is released in 2020. Many fell in love with the unobtrusive songs with emotional lyrics. Ahead of the release of his new EP „FATAL FRAGILITY“ that is produced by David Stoltzenberg (Pool) and Robert Stephenson (Mighty Oaks, FIL BO RIVA, Von Wegen Lisbeth), the singer goes on tour with indie through-starters Bruckner.

© Finn Waldherr